The Blockteam

The residents shape the block


The community living in the Generations Block is resident-centred: it is all about the residents’ abilities, skills, and will to share with each other. Together with the residents of the three houses, a lot of relevant activities can be organized, such as language learning, bicycle repairing, child care assistance, homework club, dog sitting, recycling activities, physical exercises both in- and outdoors, flea markets, restaurant days, chair exercise clubs, painting, discussions on various topics, renovation assistance, book exchange and so on. What would you like to do and share in your home block?


The Block Coach is there to help, support and enable


After the Generations Block is completed and resident have moved in, there will be a block coach who helps, supports and encourages the residents to start and maintain common activities. The block coach helps in organizing different events, info sessions and parties. He or she will be employed by Setlementtiasunnot and can be met in the block during weekdays, on some days also in the evening. The exact schedule of the block coach will be announced after the houses are completed.

The block team is planning and developing

Among all residents of the Generations Block, representatives to the block team will be elected. The block team plans and organizes various activities together with the block coach. The block team is also responsible for the flow of information.

Constant and active flow of communication

The Generations Block can also be found on the internet at and on Facebook. The information about different services, events and activities can be also found on the noticeboards of the houses.

The Block Coach starts as a 2-year pilot

The block coach’s work will be piloted during the first two years of residency. His of Her services start as a 2-year trial. The block coach’s services will be continued if they are perceived useful and necessary.

What are the costs?

Community services executive are included in the rent of HOAS and Setlementtiasunnot. The Housing foundation Helsingin Hyväntoivonpuisto’s allowances include the block coach’s costs during the two-year trial period. After the pilot period, the housing company will decide whether to continue the activities and is responsible for its costs.

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